Whitney Shardae

Master Lash Stylist

Hello Gorgeous!


I'm Whitney Shardae, a LICENSED cosmetologist with over 5 years of experience, in the beauty industry and 3 years experience as a certified lash extension stylist. I'm originally from Memphis,TN but relocated to Houston, TX permanently in 2012. I am the ultimate GOAL digger & find excitement in CATCHING my dreams

(chasing dreams is so


Gorgeous Doll Lashes is steadily growing and evolving as the beauty industry changes. It is my promise as a beauty professional to always provide consistent, quality work. I am always learning new techniques to better cater to any clients' overall preference & get you to your ultimate lash/beauty goals.

I have a strong passion for the beauty industry & I genuinely enjoy giving my clients that extra boost of confidence that lash extensions provide. I aim to give the best quality service while also providing a relaxing studio environment for you to unwind.

"when you love what you do, it will never feel like work..."